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   Hector's Story 

This was a very scary time for my son and me. He had been to the ER once or twice before for matters that could not wait over the weekend but nothing that had ever seemed as serious as this.

He was in pain, lethargic, had no appetite, all of which are very uncharacteristic of him.

From prior discussions with his PCP, he was exhibiting all the classic symptoms of an appendicitis. My wife and I were very concerned, especially since we had just missed getting into an Urgent Care center (they were closed).

In the end, my son ended up having an MRI, X-Rays, an IV, and blood drawn.

Most of these things were new and scary to him. The doctors and nurses were very patient, engaging and gentle with my son, which went a long way to easing both my and my son's anxiety levels.

Last but not least, toys from your toy closet helped my son be brave and have something to look forward to.

When we left, he was fast asleep from his overnight ordeal. However, we left with what appeared to be a thorough diagnosis, after-care advice, and toys he would enjoy after he got home.

Thanks for being a special place for children to be treated as they need to be.

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