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   Michael's Story 

I need to pass on our thanks to everyone at the Cardon Children's Hospital.

Going to a hosptial and knowing you will be there for a few days is a stressful situation for kids. Being told you have a life-event change is pretty difficult to process. There is not one thing that the staff could have done any better, from signing in to the moment Michael got in the car to go home, nothing!

The ER staff: I wish I could remember the names of everyone. It was very hard to get the IV going, however, you were all calm, that keeps your 12-year-old patient calm.

The Peds ICU, we were visited by many people from different areas of the hospital, you all gave great info and were very helpful in every possible way. The Peds ICU Staff; WOW The RNs, Bob, Torrey, Michelle, Jeniffer, and one more that I forgot her name. You five really know how to put a family at ease in a situation like this.

Not having much knowledge of diabetes prior to this event, your help and guidence means the world to Michael and the rest of his family. You all were always on top of everything. If I was ever asked to hire a staff for a hosptial, I know who my first five hires would be. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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