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Take a moment to share your story of healing at Banner Health with others. It's a way to inspire others and thank those medical professionals who cared for you during your visit.

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Jamie's Story

I came into the hospital Thursday night. I was (dilated) only 4 centimeters, so the nurse made me walk for a couple hours.

After I was done walking the ward, the nurse checked me again, and I was still only 4 cm. I was devastated- so they sent me home.

The next morning I went to my midwife, and she told me I was 5 cm! I finally got admitted- from there I had about 12 more hours of labor. After my midwife broke my water- they found out my little girl was breech, and they would have to do an emergency C-section. She came out healthy, happy, and very flexible.

The point of the story is not the delivery- but the after care.

I remember every nurse that came in for the next few days. My favorite was Darlene, the night nurse. She took my little girl into the nursery and just held her. She even knitted her a hat! Darlene and I sat for an hour one night just talking and crying!

I would recommend without a question having your baby at McKee in Loveland. The staff there are the nicest people in the medical field you will ever encounter!!

Thank you to every nurse who stayed with me, and kept my spirits up- I will never forget you, and I will tell Annabelle all about you!


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