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Take a moment to share your story of healing at Banner Health with others. It's a way to inspire others and thank those medical professionals who cared for you during your visit.

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Karol's Story

I went into labor four weeks early with my second son. I went in on Feb. 9, 2008 and I was worried that my baby would not be OK. I tried hard not go into labor but this baby wanted to come out no matter what.

I was having a planned C-section with this child and it was supposed to be on Feb. 26, 2008. So he was pretty early and I was pretty stressed. I knew what was going to happen but I was worried about my son.

There was one particular nurse named Beverly. I love her dearly. I still talk to her to this day, because she was so comforting to me and my family. She was always there for me and still is.

I want everyone to know how Beverly is the best nurse I have EVER had. She is now a part of my family.

Also, my OB assisted in the delivery of my son, I love her as well. My surgeon Dr. Hess was so kind and understanding as well, even though he got called to the hospital at 2:00 a.m. to deliver my baby.

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