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Tami's Story

In June of this year, we found out that our unborn baby had a rare and life-threatening disorder that was not believed to be curable.

We were presented with the option to terminate pregnancy so as not to risk the child being born with the disease as no one was sure that she would even survive after birth.

Making the difficult choice that we did, we came to Monfort Family Birthing Center (at North Colorado Medical Center) for the premature birth of our child. As anyone could imagine, this was the most traumatic experience anyone would ever have had to go through. All of the staff at the Monfort Family Birthing Center were nothing but kind, outgoing, and very helpful.

One of the nurses that we would like to extend extra gratitude to is Brenda. Brenda was so kind, and helpful in our time of need. She worked many extra hours making sure that not only was I comfortable and in best spirits, but also my family as well. Brenda picked out outfits for us to put our stillborn baby in, and also gave us a teddy bear in memory of our stillborn child. To this day I think of Brenda as a nurse with wings.

Another nurse I would like to mention was Trish. Trish was by my side when I needed her the most. She was there for support when I had questions about delivering our baby. She gave me strength and was my guide through this whole process. After I delivered my stillborn child, Trish looked at me and kindly said “You’re baby is beautiful” I will never forget those words

The kindness and support your nursing staff provided us will never be forgotten. The labor and delivery nurses have given me so much faith and respect for the birthing center. We were blessed to have such wonderful treatment in our time of loss. 

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