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Sophisticated technology safeguards laboring moms, unborn babies


In addition to having the most qualified and experienced physicians and nurses at the bedside, Banner Health safeguards laboring women and their unborn babies through the use of sophisticated medical technologies from PeriGen that are designed specifically for laboring women and their unborn babies.

PeriBirth®, an electronic medical record (EMR) system catering to obstetrics patients, and PeriCALM®, a clinical fetal monitoring and surveillance program offering real-time pattern recognition and bedside analytics, are helping to reduce childbirth complications for the more than 30,000 babies born at Banner Health facilities each year.

PeriBirth is part of Banner’s systemwide Care Transformation initiative, which unites best practices in clinical care with leading edge clinical computer systems to provide better, safer care to patients

An extension of the organization’s EMR system, PeriBirth serves as a patient’s complete obstetrics chart. By offering prompts and care reminders based on thousands of best-practices and protocols, the system creates customized treatment plans and documentation to help prevent medical errors. PeriBirth works in tandem with PeriCALM to leverage advanced monitoring capabilities and provide caregivers with real-time information about the mother’s progress and baby’s well-being.






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