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Banner Simulation Medical Center Grand Opening Video

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Grand Opening: Banner Simulation Medical Center - Full Transcription

Banner Simulation Medical Center - opening

Audio: One-note musical “sting” over opening title.

Text: Banner Simulation Medical Center.

Audio: Banner Simulation Medical Center.

Images:  Exterior of Banner Health facility. Banner Simulation Medical Center plaque.
Text: Carol Noe
Director, Simulation and Innovation
Image: Carol Noe speaks on- and off-camera.

Audio: “Welcome to the grand opening of our Banner Simulation Medical Center. There are so many possibilities and the future really is endless.”

Images: Camera pans patients’ rooms from work station area. Close-up of Contact Isolation warning on window of patient room. Medical simulation mannequin lying in bed.

Audio: “I would personally like to thank all of the senior leadership at Banner Health for really being so proactive and forward thinking. And if there was ever a question as to the commitment of patient care and excellence at Banner Health, I think you’re witnessing it tonight.”

Text: Mark Smith, MD
Senior Director, Simulation and Innovation.

Image: Mark Smith, MD, speaks on- and off-camera.

Audio: “Simulation is a totally new concept in training. It’s revolutionizing medicine.”

Images: Computers and monitors lined up in the Simulation Unit’s control room. Shots of students checking vitals of medical simulation mannequin lying in bed.

Audio: “Banner, in its commitment to patient care, is leading that right now. We’re not training just nurses, we’re training physicians, nurses, allied health, pharmacists; we’ll be training families to help take care. We’re training a truly integrated model of health care, which is really a new way of training.”

Text: Peter S. Fine
President and CEO, Banner Health

Image: Peter Fine speaks on camera.

Audio: “This is about challenging the status quo. This is about challenging age-old approaches to training and teaching. This is about challenging people who say, ‘We’re doing it the best. They’re the ones that aren’t doing it the best.’ This is about making it better.”

Text: Tanya Collins
Open House Attendee

Images: Trainees practicing on medical simulation mannequin. Marcus Johnson speaks off- and on-camera.

Audio: “I talked to one of the nurses in there and I think one of the biggest things – as she says –  it helped build confidence. Coming into an environment like this, being able to work on a mannequin, do some of the same things – the exact same things you do on a floor – and know that at the end of the day, like she said, ‘You’re going to reboot them. At the end of the day, your patient’s not dead, you reboot them.’ So to be able to come in, work on your mistakes that you make here as opposed to on the floor, it does wonders.”

Text: David Biffar
Open House Attendee

Images: Visitors touring Unit’s control room.Monitor screens display simulated patients’ vitals/information. David Biffar speaks off- and on-camera.

Audio: “A lot of what I believe the vision is for medical simulation training in the future has come alive in this facility. I wonder how much better it could be than this.”

Images: Attendees touring the simulated patients’ rooms.

Tanya Collins Audio: “This is a fantastic reuse of what used to be a cornerstone in our neighborhood and now is again. We are so grateful to Banner for doing this. It’s beautiful.”

Image: Close up of Banner Simulation Medical Center plaque.

Audio: One-note musical “sting” over closing title.

Text: Banner Simulation Medical Center
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Simulation Education at Banner Health
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