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Medical Excellence


At Banner Health, we take every possible step to ensure patients receive the highest quality and safest care possible.  We  use technology and innovation to support our caregivers’ efforts to  provide excellent patient care.

Care Management 

Made up of members from throughout Banner Health system, Care Management works to identify clinical improvements, test those improvements and implement them throughout our system.

We encourage physicians and clinicians to imagine new ways of delivering care and improving the practice of medicine.

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Care Transformation 
Care Transformation places patient information at caregivers’ fingertips by using an integrated electronic medical record that contains lab results, doctors’ and nurses’ notes and charting, and medical images.

The model for Care Transformation debuted at Banner Estrella Medical Center in 2005. Banner Estrella results showed Care Transformation improves patient safety, productivity, patient satisfaction and staff retention and reduces cost.

The Care Transformation initiative is part of  Clinical Informatics, a multi-disciplinary team combining computer science, delivery of health care, and biomedical sciences to understand and solve workflow, quality and compliance problems.

Performance Measurement
Banner Health measures the clinical quality of patient care in key areas like open-heart surgery, stroke, ICU and heart failure. By comparing outcomes in these areas with other leading health care organizations, we identify and use best practices.

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Patient Safety
Patient safety committees work diligently within our facilities and we provide information to our hospital patients on how they can ensure their safety. Banner Health also leads several nationwide patient safety efforts, including:

  • Formed Rapid Response Teams, with physicians and nurses trained to provide help before a medical emergency arises.
  • Created medication reconciliation to ensure patients receive the right medication and to eliminate errors during admissions, transfers and discharges.
  • Implemented a systemwide complaint and grievance process to ensure a thorough response to patient concerns.

Several innovative technologies have helped Banner Health to continually improve patient care. 

  • Banner Telehealth
    Banner Health was the first health care provider in Arizona to use eICU technology to continuously monitor ICU patients by intensive care physicians from a remote monitoring center. The ongoing expansion of Banner Telehealth services leverages this success and is yet another example of how Banner is emerging as a national leader recognized for clinical excellence and innovation.
  • Intelligent OB program
    Banner Health is the first health care system in the western U. S. to use an intelligent OB program to help provide clinical decision support, documentation and monitoring to help reduce complications during childbirth.
  • Simulation Education Program
    In 2004, Banner made a commitment to use simulation training to further improve the quality care of care for its patients throughout Banner. Today, we have an extensive simulation-learning program throughout seven states. From an active mobile program in its Western Region to multiple  training centers to its flagship center in Mesa, Arizona. Banner is a national leader in educational and learning support for employees and health care providers.

Medical Education
Banner Health is a leading provider of well-trained and highly skilled physicians through medical education programs at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, in Arizona, and at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Colorado. These programs train more than 300 doctors annually.

In response to the ongoing shortage of key health care workers, Banner Health has developed the Banner Center for Health Careers as a long-term initiative to create a pool of qualified clinical professionals in nursing and other hard-to-fill areas such as pharmacy, medical imaging and respiratory therapy. 

Banner Health has provided nearly $5 million for the training of future doctors, nurses and therapists and the continuing education of current health care professionals

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