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Banner Boswell Medical Center now offers MRI breast biopsies


SUN CITY, Ariz. (April 11, 2012) – Banner Boswell Medical Center in Sun City is now performing breast biopsies guided by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) utilizing state-of-the-art computer aided detection (CAD) software. The MRI-guided breast biopsies are available at Banner Lakes Imaging Center, the non-profit hospital’s outpatient imaging facility at 10474 W. Thunderbird Blvd., Suite 100 in Sun City.

A breast biopsy is performed when doctors find lumps or abnormalities in the breast. During a biopsy, tissue is removed to determine whether a growth is benign or cancerous. There are several guided imaging techniques that can be used to biopsy a suspicious area.

Steven Charney, MD, interventional radiologist and medical director of Banner Boswell’s Medical Imaging program, emphasized that the new technology is the “last stop” for breast biopsy and is recommended to the patient’s referring physician “only when we can’t biopsy the breast under other means. It’s specifically for difficult lesions not amenable to biopsy by other modalities such as ultrasound or stereotactic X-ray guidance (mammogram). Additionally, the CAD software used with the MRI guidance improves the efficiency, accuracy and ease of targeting those breast lesions.”

During the procedure, MRI helps guide the radiologist's instruments to the site of the focal abnormality. The patient is given a contrast medium by injection into a vein in the arm which is used to visualize the suspicious area of the breast. The physician places a needle into the suspicious area of the breast to remove a sample. The procedure requires only a local anesthetic and takes approximately one to two hours.

Banner Boswell Medical Center, located at 10401 W. Thunderbird Blvd. in Sun City, is a 501-bed campus specializing in neurosciences, heart care, cancer care, stroke care, orthopedics, acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing and emergency care. Supporting Banner Boswell’s mission of excellent patient care is the Sun Health Foundation, which encourages charitable giving to support the hospital. Banner Boswell is part of nonprofit Banner Health. For more information, visit

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