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Gynecologist performs 500th robotic surgery at McKee Medical Center


LOVELAND, Colo. (Aug. 10, 2012) – Two years, 10 months and one day after beginning to offer robotically-assisted gynecologic surgery, John Crane, MD, has performed his 500th case.

Dr. Crane is a gynecologist with Banner Health Clinic Ob/Gyn Associates and performs surgery at McKee Medical Center.

The milestone, which Dr. Crane reached in July, signifies proficiency and quality of care, Dr. Crane said. “I’m proud to work for an organization like Banner Health that invests in the latest robotic technology for its surgical staff so we can deliver the best care possible for our patients” 

Dr. Crane performs all types of gynecologic surgery for benign and cancerous treatments as well as urinary incontinence and other gynecologic conditions. He estimated that 99 percent of his surgeries now are done robotically and said he continues to be impressed by the improved visualization and access the robot provides.

McKee Medical Center uses the da Vinci® Si Surgical System made by Intuitive Surgical Inc. The system allows the surgeon to work with interactive robotic arms along with a high-performance vision system to perform surgeries. Sitting at a surgical console, the surgeon directs the robot’s arms to access hard-to-reach areas through smaller incisions. The robotic surgical system cannot be programmed, nor can it make decisions on its own.

Benefits of robotic surgery include shorter recovery and hospital stay, reduced blood loss and need for transfusions, less pain and less scarring.

Intuitive designated McKee Medical Center and Dr. Crane as an Epicenter for gynecologic surgery in 2010. As an Epicenter, McKee welcomes surgeons from across the country to come to Loveland and observe a procedure by Dr. Crane. McKee is among 21 hospitals to earn the title of Robotic Epicenter, which means the hospital is one of the top performing centers in the country for robotic surgery. Dr. Crane currently typically has two visitors each week.

McKee is the only hospital in the Rocky Mountain region to serve as an Epicenter.

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