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Community Hospital to replace oxygen tank


TORRINGTON, WY (Dec. 5, 2013) – If you hear something that sounds like a plane engine near Community Hospital next week, you can attribute the noise to a construction project and be assured it won’t last long.

Hospital maintenance staff will replace a bulk oxygen storage tank with a new tank. The entire project starts Dec. 9 and is expected to be completed by Dec. 16, but the noisier venting process is one part. The tank is stored in a pit near the service entrance to the basement of the hospital, and all work will take place outside.

The crew will vent the tank, which involves releasing the oxygen from the tank. This may create the airplane engine noise and fog or condensation around the area. It might only last for a few hours and be done within the day. Then, the tank will be removed, pipes cleaned and a new tank installed and connected. In the meantime, the hospital will be serviced by a portable oxygen tank. This tank supplies the oxygen to the patient rooms throughout the hospital.

The project is not expected to impact patient care. If you have questions about the project, please call (307) 534-7191.

Community Hospital in Torrington, WY, is operated by Banner Health, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit healthcare systems with 24 hospitals in seven states. Community Hospital was constructed on its current site in 1977 and offers obstetrics, general surgery, oncology, inpatient and outpatient diagnostics, community wellness and Emergency care. For more information, visit


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