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Meet the Currans

Dr. and Tina Curran

Dr. David and Tina Curran


Dr. David and Tina Curran, visionaries behind the annual Stars of the Season fundraising soirée to benefit Banner Children’s at Cardon Children’s Medical Center, have a passion for helping ill and injured children that is matched only by an unwavering sense of purpose.

A private practice physician and managing partner at Tempe-based East Valley Children’s Center, Dave knows firsthand how specialized patient care programs and services can set a hospital apart while truly making a difference in the lives of children and their families. So, when Cardon Children’s opened its doors in late 2009, the Currans, parents of three young sons, organized one of the first and arguably most successful toy drives to help fill its many Toy Closets. Their talent for rallying support and motivating others to give back was evidenced by the need for a moving truck to haul the thousands of donated toys and games to hospital. Little did the Currans know their labor of love would ultimately set the stage for an even bigger philanthropic endeavor. 

On the heels of the toy drive and Dave’s appointment as Chairman of the Department of Pediatric Medicine at Cardon Children’s in early 2010, Dave and Tina were approached by leaders at Banner Health to help establish a signature fundraising event for the hospital. Their answer was a resounding yes.
Dave’s insight into the clinical benefits of philanthropy coupled with Tina’s background in modeling, public relations and organizational change management immediately proved to be the perfect blend of talents. They strategically developed a committee of volunteers whose abilities and resources aligned with the event goals and objectives. In addition, they enlisted the support of top-tier musicians and celebrities like Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington and his wife, Talinda, personal friends of the Currans, and former NFL star Steve Young and his wife, Barbara.

With Dave and Tina at the helm, the newly formed Advisory Council of Cardon Children’s Medical Center unveiled the inaugural Stars of the Season in December 2010 as a sold-out event.

Wilford A. Cardon, Banner Health board member, donor and namesake of Cardon Children’s Medical Center, is among those who recognize the Currans’ invaluable contributions to raising awareness and support for the hospital saying, “They have singlehandedly united all the people for the committees and the Advisory Council to bless the lives of children. They are the glue that holds Stars of the Season together.”

Endorsed by physicians, musicians, athletes and others willing to invest in pediatric health care, Stars of the Season has garnered a reputation as an edgy and fun star-studded affair. Similarly, the Advisory Council has become recognized as a philanthropic force to be reckoned with. 

Since its inception, Stars of the Season has raised more than $1 million to support varied pediatric programs at Cardon Children’s Medical Center, including integrative pain management, rehabilitation and cardiothoracic surgery, neonatal intensive care and integrative cancer care.

Much like the Advisory Council continues to grow and build on its success year after year, the programs supported by Stars of the Season build upon one another to ensure comprehensive care for children of all ages.  

“Everything we do is for the children,” said Tina. “They are the true stars and this event is an opportunity for us to help them shine.” 


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