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Pediatrics: Excellent patient care as seen Through the Eyes of a Child


At Banner Health, we are meeting the high demand for pediatric health care services in Arizona and beyond by blending clinical excellence with a playful atmosphere, fun activities and a family-centered model of care that addresses each child’s unique physical, emotional and psychological needs.

Children are not tiny adults. Their anatomy and physiology is much different. Additionally, there are distinct differences in the way children learn about their medical conditions and treatments, react to the hospital environment, and manage pain and illness emotionally as well as physically. Each of these elements impacts the ways in which children heal and, in turn, the ways in which we respond to our patients.

Providing exceptional pediatric care through programs like the Cardon Children’s School, , Pain Management and Injury Prevention is made possible by generous philanthropic support from those who wish to make a difference.

From organizing toy drives and other third-party events to attending or sponsoring our signature fundraising events, including Banner Health in your estate planning or making a financial contribution, there are many ways in which you can support our pediatric programs.

Help make a difference in the lives of Arizona’s children now and for generations to come.

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