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Laura Dreier Breast Center

Patient at Laura Drier Breast Center  

The woman came in with a shoebox of money. One dollar and five-dollar bills that she squirreled away from the household budget. A year earlier, another doctor told her she had a suspicious mammogram. Would this be enough for a follow-up exam?

After a year of worrying and wondering about money and her health, she had finally come to the right place. The Laura Dreier Breast Center at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix provides women with little money or health insurance free diagnoses and treatments for breast cancer.

  • Each year, about 200 women receive free mammograms at the Laura Dreier Breast Center.
  • Mammograms are the best screening tool against breast cancer. They can find cancers at an early stage when they are the most responsive to treatment.
  • About half of the women who received free mammograms had a lump, discharge, changes in their breasts or a family history of breast cancer.
  • The Laura Dreier Center staff use donated funds to help purchase equipment such as digital mammography and stereotactic breast biopsy machines.
  • Digital mammography is more sensitive than traditional film screen mammography in detecting breast cancer in young patients and patients with dense breast tissue.
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy can be less invasive than surgical biopsy and can help evaluate calcium deposits or tiny masses not visible on ultrasound.

A $100 donation pays for a third of the cost of a mammogram.

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