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Payment Program Options

payment programs  

We understand that billing and payment options can be confusing, and want to help you find the best way to pay for your services. If you have any questions, feel that you have extenuating circumstances, or believe that you may qualify for one of the payment program options, please make an appointment with an Fairbanks Memorial Hospital financial counselor (907) 458-5530.

Financial Assistance Program:

We offer an in-house Financial Assistance Program for those who qualify. Program eligibility is largely based on verified household income and family size. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital fairly and consistently applies its Financial Assistance Program to every eligible patient.

Monitoring Program:

We also offer an interest free internal monthly payment plan. For further information regarding the Monitoring Program, contact Patient Financial Services according to the patient's last name:

  • A through K (907) 458-5532
  • L through Z (907) 458-5539

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