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Who do I call with a general laboratory question?

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH) laboratory has a customer service staff that can be reached at (907)458-5640. Please look at our laboratory services at FMH for more information.

Do I need to fast, and for how long, for laboratory tests?

In general, only two laboratory tests (glucose & lipids) consistently require a 10-14 hour fast before collection of the blood.  Fasting means only water - no juice, coffee, nicotine, or chewing gum.  Other laboratory tests or your physician can require you to fast.  Please call customer service at (907)458-5640 (Main Lab) or contact your physician for information.

Do I need an appointment to get my blood drawn?

Generally, no appointment is necessary to get blood drawn.  Oral glucose tolerance and some specimen collection for research studies or treatments require an appointment.  Appointments can be made by calling (907)458-5640 (Main Lab) or (907)459-2229 (TVC Lab).

Why is it important to have a properly labeled specimen?

The patient’s specimen is part of the patient.  It is extremely important to accurately identify patients and label specimens with the required information.  Properly labeled specimens help to ensure:

  • The specimen belongs to the correct patient,
  • The correct test is ordered, and
  • The results get posted to the proper patient’s medical record.

How do I get my laboratory results?

If you are patient please contact your physician or Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Medical Records at (907)458-5450.

If you are a practitioner, critical values will be called to your office.  If you request, we will call or fax results.  Final reports (when all testing is complete) are sent to your office via courier or US mail. 

What is the FMH service guarantee for turn-around time?

The staff at FMH Laboratories strive to provide timely results that meet our customer's expectations.  Our definition of turnaround time is the time the specimen is received in the lab to the time results are available electronically.

STAT testing is performed immediately upon specimen receipt with most tests completed within 60 minutes.

Most routine test results are available to the practitioner within 24 hours of specimen receipt.  Cytology, Pathology, Microbiology and specimens referred to other labs will be available to the practitioner in 3 or more days.

Will I be charged for testing that was unable to be performed?

Cancellation of tests received prior to test set up will be honored at no charge.  Requests received following test performance cannot be honored.   A report will be issued automatically and charged appropriately.  If FMH lab is unable to obtain a satisfactory result, there is no charge.


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