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How long is it acceptable to do additional laboratory tests on a particular specimen?

Each analyte and specimen type varies; call (907) 458-5640 and we will ascertain whether additional testing can be added to an existing specimen.

How can I send a specimen to FMH Laboratories?

  • Determine the specimen requirements by accessing the Laboratory Specimen Collection Manual.
  • Determine if special collection or transportation requirements exist and be certain that these requirements can be met.
  • Collect the appropriate specimen.
  • Label the specimen.  The label must contain the following:
    1. The patient's first and last name, as they appear on the requisition
    2. The patient's date of birth
    3. The date and time the specimen was collected
    4. If other than blood, the source of the specimen
    5. Store as required in the Laboratory Specimen Collection Manual
  • Call FMH Laboratory Customer Service at (907) 458-5640 to dispatch the courier

What information is required to send a specimen to FMH Laboratories?

  • A properly labeled specimen.
  • A complete requisition, to include:  patient full name, patient DOB, date of order, sex of patient, signs or symptoms (diagnosis or ICD9 codes), tests to be performed, source (if other than blood), last menstrual period (for gynecologic specimens), physician signature, physician address, billing information.  If testing is STAT, include a phone or fax number to which results can be called/faxed.

Blood Specimen Collection

Urine Specimen Requirements

Cytopathology & Histology Specimen Guidelines

Microbiology Specimen Collection

Other Specimen Collection

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