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Radiation Oncology


Radiation OncologyBanner Baywood's Cancer Center is committed to providing the best quality cancer care through cutting-edge technologies and the newest treatment protocols.

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Prostate Brachytherapy 
Brachytherapy may also be referred to as “internal radiation”. Prostate seed implantation is a type of radioactive source procedure. An ultrasound is used to place dozens of tiny “seeds” containing radioactive iodine or palladium which are placed in the tumor site.  This is beneficial because radiation can be delivered directly to the tumor site without going through normal structures.

Gold seed marker placement
Gold fiducial markers are 2-3 millimeters in size and only three are placed into the prostate gland. These markers ensure precise target localization for structures that may move slightly on a daily basis and also helps spare radiation dose to surrounding healthy tissue. 

4-D CT Scanning for thoracic malignancies
4D CT is a specialized scan which helps localize moving lung tumors. This allows the radiation oncologist to define a more precise radiation dose to the lungs ensuring coverage of the tumor even when a patient is breathing during treatment.

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