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Banner Baywood Medical Center
Emergency Department

Here's how we go about treating your emergency medical needs.

Banner Baywood Emergency Department lobby A look inside the ED

When you visit the Emergency department, a person will greet you and direct you to where you need to go.

Triage services at Banner Baywood Medical Center

If you need medical assistance, you will be directed to our Triage Area. After a few questions, our clinical professionals will determine whether you need to be taken straight to the Emergency department for an acute illness or injury or if you can be treated in our Continuing Care Area.

Continuing Care Area at Banner Baywood Medical Center

Less acute injuries may be treated without requiring the patient to get into a gown or to use a bed. To accommodate these less serious cases, the Emergency department has a Continuing Care Area.

Sub-waiting area at Banner Baywood Medical Center

Once in the minor treatment area, if you need to wait for results of a test or procedure, you will be taken to the sub-wait area where you can sit comfortably, but in close proximity to the nurses' station in case there is a change in your condition.

Private patient rooms at Banner Baywood Medical Center

If it is determined that you need a treatment room, you will be taken to the main Emergency department. The main ED includes 58 private patient rooms, each with a bedside clinical computer and a flat-screen TV.

Major Treatment Areas at Banner Baywood

Our Emergency department has two major treatment rooms that allow for more complicated procedures.

There is a direct entrance into the emergency room to and from the helicopter pad for our critical or trauma patients who need to be airlifted to another hospital for more advanced treatment.

We also have a separate ambulance entrance so emergency responders can transport our patients safely and quickly.

Baywood also employs two Patient Advocates, whose only jobs are to make the patient experience more comfortable and efficient.

Banner Baywood Medical Center
6644 E. Baywood Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85206
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