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Heart Failure Medication Education Clinic

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The Heart Failure Medication Education Clinic educates patients about heart failure, with a personalized approach to help patients understand their health issues and know the best steps to take for an optimum recovery.

The Heart Failure Medication Education Clinic works to improve your quality of life by helping you manage your symptoms of heart failure. Our pharmacists educate you about the condition and the ways it can be controlled.

Our main goals are to reduce the number of unnecessary visits to the emergency room, prevent hospitalizations, and help you lead a full and productive life.

The Heart Failure Clinic helps with:

Did you know?
Patients who are discharged from Banner Baywood Medical Center or Banner Heart Hospital are seen by a medication expert from the clinic shortly after discharge.

  • Education and support 
  • Managing symptoms of heart failure 
  • Assistance with risk factor modification, such as decreasing blood pressure and improving diet

How the clinic works

To qualify for the heart failure clinic, we need a formal referral from your physician. This physician may be your primary care provider, cardiologist, or internist. While using clinic services, your referring physician will receive periodic reports about your progress.

Clinic advantages:

  • Learn signs and symptoms of heart failure and how to deal with them
  • Get the most benefit out of medications
  • Have experts review all of your medications
  • Understand possible side effects
  • Avoid drug interactions
  • Have proper tools for monitoring
  • Learn about diet and lifestyle changes that help


  • Phone: 480-321-4396
  • Email our staff if you'd like someone to contact you to get more information about our services.

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