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Check-in and OB Triage


Pregnant womanBanner Baywood Medical Center's highly skilled, compassionate staff in our Women and Infants Services department, provides expertise and experience in caring for women in labor and their families.

Please park in the east parking lot along Baywood Avenue and enter at the Women’s Center entrance. There are parking spaces for expectant moms in the parking lot closest to the entrance. 

Inside the Women’s Center, take the elevator to the second floor.

You can check in at our OB Registration desk (even if you are pre-registered). The desk is in the Women and Infants Services department on the second floor. 

After you arrive and are checked in, you will be seen in OB Triage by an obstetrical nurse, who is in contact with your physician. Together, they will assess your progress. 

OB Triage
The OB Triage Unit is a short-stay area that provides assessment and testing. You will change into a hospital gown, be connected to a monitor to watch your contractions and your baby's heartbeat and be examined by a nurse.

Our specially trained nurses are experts in ultrasound exams and performing non-stress tests. In addition, we check on how your baby is doing and notify your obstetrician. 

After that assessment, you will either be admitted to the main Labor and Delivery unit or discharged with instructions on when to call and/or return.

Our OB Triage area is staffed 24 hours a day to meet the needs of our pregnant patients. We work with multiple obstetrical practices.

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