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Banner Behavioral Health provides a therapeutic environment, with highly trained professionals dedicated to your journey of achieving emotional wellness and healing that will prepare you for the stresses of home, work or school.

As part of the healing process, we use a state-of-the-art program that battles anxiety, depression and other emotional conditions.

Road Map to Peace of Mind

This is a self-paced program created by Michael Cofield, PhD, to provide patients with "foundational knowledge about how your mind and emotions work.” The information offers coping strategies to reduce and control emotions that negatively impact your behavior.

The Road Map to Peace of Mind consists of 10 mile-markers that promote understanding the causes of your emotion, and their enormous impact on your:

  • Motivation
  • Goal achievement
  • Physical health

With each mile-marker, a skill set is offered to:

  • Promote the ability to identify changes needed to promote emotional wellness
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary emotional pain and stress
  • Improve communication skills
  • Achieve personal goals

Family/Significant Other Support
Families members and significant others of the patient are encouraged to participate on a weekly basis on relapse prevention strategies and support during the patient’s treatment process.

Case Management Services
Upon admission to Banner Behavioral Health, each patient is assigned a personal case manager. The role of the case manager is to:

  • Coordinate the treatment plan
  • Assist in the process of goal-setting
  • Engage the patient and family in discharge-planning
  • Promote emotional wellness by collaborating with outpatient services for continued healing

When appropriate, the case manager will meet with family and significant others to ensure that all members of the patient's support system are informed and have the tools they need for a successful discharge process.


Banner Behavioral Health Hospital
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For general information, please call (480) 448-7500.

For appointments only, please call (602) 254-4357
or toll-free in Arizona at (800) 254-4357.
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