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Banner Boswell Medical Center has been a longstanding health care provider and proud community partner to the Sun Cities and surrounding areas northwest of Phoenix.

first respondersHelping First Responders
Each year, Banner Boswell Medical Center hosts an Emergency Medical Services “mega skills” lab for local emergency responders.

The goal is to sharpen the training of Phoenix's West Valley responders to help people in distress.

Registered nurses and paramedics circle through various skills lab stations, including pharmacology, 12-lead EKG reviews and mock code training to enhance their skills.


pill bottle

Vials of Life: It might not contain medication, but this particular plastic snap-top pill bottle could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to saving your life in a medical emergency.

The Vial of Life contains easy-to-use forms to allow you to document your medical history, current medications, allergies, doctor's name and more. 

Once completed, place the Vial of Life in a visible location in your refrigerator, sticking the enclosed bright red sticker on the outside so emergency medical personnel know where to look for this critical information in the event of a medical emergency.

Volunteers at Banner Boswell Medical Center assemble the vials, available at no charge at every patient/visitor information desk throughout the hospital.


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