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Spiritual Care

chapel at Banner Boswell

Our Meditation Chapel, inside the Main Entrance, is open all the time.


Banner Boswell Medical Center was designed as a healing environment dedicated to treating the whole person — body, mind and spirit.

As part of that environment, Banner Boswell offers Spiritual Care, dedicated to addressing the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, families and staff through intervention and support in an interfaith context. A beautiful Meditation Chapel is available for meditation, prayer and private worship.

Spiritual Care respects and honors diverse theological views and all individual spiritual choices. Patients, families and staff can contact Spiritual Care for the ministry of sacrament, patient visits, bereavement care, and counseling for grief.

Spiritual Care works to link patients with their pastors, priests, rabbis or other faith-based caregivers. We also work closely with area faith communities.

Spiritual Care Services for patients, families and staff

  • Ministries of Presence, Sacrament, Ritual and Hope
  • Patient nurturance and advocacy
  • Prayer, blessing, anointing, baptism and communion
  • Patient/family consultation
  • Patient visitation
  • Pre-surgery and post-surgery visits
  • Trauma and crisis intervention
  • Meditation Chapel for meditation
  • End-of-life care
  • Bereavement counseling for grief recovery

Meditation Chapel
Banner Boswell recently renovated the Meditation Chapel to more fully reflect the diversity of the spiritual culture of patients, visitors and staff.

We updated the color scheme, added a water feature and an original triptych painting representing the ten major world religions. We also replaced pews with individual chairs to encourage individual meditation and reflection.

The chapel also features a library of more than 40 pamphlets on various topics and a special ‘faith box’ where handwritten requests for prayers can be placed for daily prayer by the chaplain.

Call a chaplain
Call the Spiritual Care department when desiring prayer, blessing, anointing, communion or baptism; in times of loss, bereavement or when struggling with the issues of life and/or faith. In the seasons of life – loss, joy, grief, celebration, thanksgiving – we are here to be with you and to serve you.

Contact the Spiritual Care Department at (623) 832-3203. In emergencies, please contact the hospital operator at (623) 832-4000 or dial “0” inside the hospital. 

Banner Boswell Medical Center
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