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Preparing for Surgery


At Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center we understand there are a lot of details when planning for surgery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Planning for discharge is just as important as planning for admission. We will work with the patient during their stay to meet any discharge needs. Please let us know of any concerns.

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We will work together with the physician to provide the best care available. We also want the patient’s admission and stay to be as easy and convenient as possible. An RN will interview the patient either by hone or in person.

Pre-Surgery Information and Instructions
The physician will give specific instructions. For general information, visit our Pre-Surgery Information and Instructions.  he nurse will take the patient’s blood pressure, temperature and pulse rate. The patient will be asked to sign consent to authorize the physician to perform the surgery. The anesthesiologist will talk with the patient and discuss the best plan of action. The operating room RN will interview the patient and transfer them to the operating room while the family waits in the waiting room. Various monitoring devises will be attached to the patient to ensure health during surgery.

Following Surgery
After surgery, the physician will talk to the family and/or friends and the patient will be taken to the recovery area. While in the recovery area, the patient will be closely monitored by the nursing staff. Family and/or friends will be notified of the patient’s condition and transfer when the patient is taken to their hospital room, or discharged. 

In general, prolonged bed rest after surgery is not beneficial. Most patients will be encouraged to get out of bed and begin activity very soon after surgery, most likely on the same day as surgery.

Depending on the type of surgery, the physician may order certain exercises which usually include deep breathing, coughing, movement of legs and getting out of bed. These exercises will help with recovery.


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