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Heart Support


Cardiac Rehab Support Group
The support group provides an opportunity for patients and families to share experiences, feelings, strategies, successes and difficulties with each other. Also, participants will learn behavior modification practices along with important information about cardiac health. The group meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. For more information call (480) 412-3785.

Heart Care Support Program
Banner Desert encourages family members to support their loved ones while in the hospital. Our team understands that family plays a major role in a patient’s recovery.

Two family sleep rooms are available to allow families to stay close to patients during critical times. Each of the sleep rooms is equipped with a shower, two sofa beds, a TV/VCR and telephone. Family kitchens are available on each unit. The staff encourages families to cook for patients and serve family dinners in the adjacent dining rooms.

Integrative Therapy
Banner Desert also offers Integrative therapies as a way to treat the whole person, A goal of integrative therapy is to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine.

Banner Desert’s integrated therapies may include any one or a combination of:

Call or click to find a heart doc.
Call or click to find a heart doc.
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