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Heart Support & Education

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The staff at Banner Estrella believe that education is key in prevention of heart disease as well as understanding heart conditions.

You can do your part by learning more about heart conditions and how you can prevent heart disease.

This information is not a substitute for asking questions of your health care providers; please contact a Banner facility with heart disease specialists with any questions. 

General Heart Information:

Specific Heart Conditions and Treatments:

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Banner Health offers a number of ways to maintain your heart-healthy lifestyle:

Support Programs
The Partners in Caring program at Banner Estrella Medical Center is committed to encouraging a supportive relationship between patients, their loved ones and the health care team, through compassion, communication and respect for individual choice which empowers people to heal in a nurturing environment.

Banner Estrella also offers a number of holistic therapies such as Reiki, Pet Therapy or Spiritual Care, as well as access to a comprehensive medical library.

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