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Computer-assisted Orthopedic Surgery


Banner Estrella Medical Center now offers computer-assisted total knee and total hip replacement surgeries—allowing the patient to have a joint replacement surgery with smaller incisions and greater precision.

The computer-assisted surgeries allow orthopedic surgeons to align a patient’s bones and joint implants with accuracy that is not possible to the naked eye. Utilizing a small pointed rod, the physicians can scan a patient’s bones and collect detailed information specific to the patient’s bones.

That information is collected into special software, which in turn provides a map that helps the physicians make decisions before or during the surgery. This makes each surgery specific to each patient.

Using the computer, a total knee or total hip replacement surgery can all be completed in approximately a 4-inch incision. Small-incision surgery, otherwise known as minimally-invasive surgery, offers the potential for faster recovery, less bleeding and, most important, less pain for patients.

Banner Estrella’s system is unique in that it is mobile, allowing physicians to use it in any of the hospital’s operating rooms. This allows patients to schedule their surgeries with the computer-assisted device as soon as possible in most cases.

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