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Banner Estrella Medical Center offers a variety of new and effective surgical procedures for the treatment of women’s health issues:

Sterilization for Birth Control

There are two different procedures for sterilization.

  • Tubal ligatition: Commonly referred to as “having your tubes tied”, laparoscopic tubal ligation is performed by creating two small incisions on the abdomen through which bands are inserted and placed onto the fallopian tubes. This creates a barrier in the tube that prevents unfertilized eggs from passing into the uterus. This is a minimally invasive procedure and can be done with the daVinci Surgical Robot.
  • Essure: This hysterscopic procedure is performed vaginally and involves placing a camera into the uterus and inserting small coils into the ovarian tubes. The tubes develop tissue around the coils, which then act as a barrier to eggs.

Both of these procedures are outpatient same-day surgeries. Which procedure is right for you depends on many factors that can be discussed with your doctor.

Urinary Incontinence

For those who suffer from certain types of urinary leakage, we offer many options, from minimally-invasive procedures to surgical corrections.

  • Transobturator taping or “TOT” is an outpatient procedure that involves the insertion of a small mesh sling into the vagina. The sling supports the bladder and prevents urine from leaking with coughing or sneezing, a common problem among women. This procedure can be performed in combination with other procedures, for those women who have several issues.
  • Interstim neuromodulation is a simple and minimally invasive procedure that helps control abnormal signals of overactive bladder that the bladder emits with urinary incontinence by using a neurostimulator. It emits gentle electrical stimulation that blocks the abnormal signal causing urinary incontinence. Some patients can experience dramatic relief from serious urinary incontinence and achieve a normal voiding pattern using neurostimulation.

Banner Estrella offers two treatment options for pelvic prolapsed:

  • A pessary is a device like a diaphragm placed in the vagina to hold up the pelvic prolapse. It is easy to use and not painful.
  • Surgical repair is a second option. Surgery for pelvic prolapse is varied and has changed remarkably in the last decade. Surgical treatment is minimally invasive and is now much more durable and effective.

Heavy Menstruation

For women having problems with heavy periods, there are several surgical treatments available.

  • Endometrial ablation is an outpatient procedure that places a camera into the uterus and then flushes hot water into the uterus, which thins the uterine lining. With endometrial ablation, most women experience substantial improvements in bleeding, with most having no further periods and the rest having a marked reduction in bleeding with periods.  
  • Another surgical treatment for heavy periods is a hysterectomy. There are many ways that a hysterectomy can be performed. Most hysterectomies are done using minimally invasive techniques. These include vaginal hysterectomies and laparoscopic hysterectomies. In these procedures, most of the surgery is done vaginally, with only small incisions on the abdomen for laparoscopic procedures. Sometimes, a larger incision will be required in certain situations where a traditional abdominal hysterectomy is necessary.  Hysterectomy can also help with painful periods and fibroids, benign growths on the uterus that cause pain and bleeding.

Additional Women’s Surgeries

Minimally invasive surgery is available for the treatment of a variety of women’s’ health issues including ovarian cysts and pain, tubal pregnancies and endometriosis. These procedures are done using small incisions on the abdomen and are usually same-day surgeries.

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