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Read about how our patients have changed their lives with bariatric surgery and a new outlook on life.

Alisha’s Story
My name is Alisha Hernandez and my weight loss journey started in July of 2013. I was shopping for clothes and discovered that the size 24 jeans I had always fit into as far back as I can remember were beginning to get tight. I stepped on the scale and will pure horror in my eyes noticed the number read 306 pounds with a BMI of 52.52. I was disgusted and ashamed. It was at that moment that I made the decision I would not die at a young age like my father had from heart disease and diabetes. I was going to live a full and healthy life for my children! Read more from Alisha 

Dee’s Story  
My name is Dee and I am currently 51 years of age. When I look back at my younger years I realize I was fit and healthy, so I thought. As a teenager and a young adult, I wore a size 5-7 depending on the clothes and was very curvy. I came from a family where addiction was normal and was proud not to be addicted to any drug or alcohol. I do not know how, but I was able to maintain my weight through the birth of my two oldest children up to 30 years of age. Finally when I did reach the age of 30, I just couldn’t get the weight off and keep it off. My life became more stressful with three children and much more personal issues with family members and their addiction. I wasn’t making the right decisions regarding my diet and I couldn’t see that I was making the wrong food choices, portion control, etc. I thought I was eating healthy. For the past forty years, I was in the dark about my weight, food choices and the right amount of food to eat. I didn’t know yet, but I became an emotional eater. Read more from Dee 

Bill’s Story
On April 2, 2013 I had the Bariatric Sleeve procedure performed laparoscopically by Dr. Podkamini at Banner Gateway’s Weight Loss Center. Starting from a weight of 330 pounds of my home scales, 5’-9” tall and a few weeks before my preparation for surgery I was virtually one of the “weebles that wobbled but did not fall down.” Several months prior to this monumental day, my primary care physician poked me lightly on my greatly extended stomach and commented that “this is going to kill you” -  referring to my sever overweight.  He recommended that I attend one of Banner Gateway’s Bariatric Information Sessions and learn about the options that were available. Read more from Bill 

Theresa's Story
My name is Theresa Mosier and I have struggled with weight since I was a child. The first time I lost weight was before high school graduation. I will never forget how I felt. At that time, I blamed my weight for all my problems and insecurities. It was not until I was older that I understood that was not true. I have tried many weight loss programs through the years. I had some success but always gained the weight back. I continued to live life, both highs and lows. I was basically a happy person who had people in her life who loved me unconditionally either way. I still tried all weight loss diets along the way. Read more from Theresa 

Leslie’s Story
Coming to a decision to accept weight loss surgery did not come easy for me. That prospect was with me on and off for a period of six years starting at an age of 62. I, too, like so many have ridden the roller coaster of losing and gaining weight most of my adult life.  It progressed to a more concerning level after the birth of our children. My 50th birthday gift from my OB/GYN (confirming menopause) was a sugar level reading of 309. I was officially diabetic! After the initial shock, I took the appropriate changes with my eating habits and began the regimen of taking medication to lower it to an acceptable range. But those medications took their toll over the next 18 years. Along with diabetic medication, my Primary Care physician ordered cholesterol and blood pressure medications to make every effort to keep me from artery disease. You see, artery disease can develop with diabetes. Read more from Leslie 

Angela’s Story
I didn’t really start putting on the bulk of my weight until after my third child. I guess I never thought too much about it before because I always “carried my weight well”; in other words- even though I weighed 300 pounds, I didn’t look 300 pounds. But I felt like I weighed more! I was tired all the time, my knees and lower back hurt. It was awful. I stopped going certain places because I couldn’t fit in the chairs comfortably. I hated taking pictures; I just did not enjoy life. Read more from Angela 

Bill’s Story
Last year my wife went for a physical examination and learned she had several medical conditions that were directly related to being "morbidly obese." After consulting with her primary care physician and cardiologist, my wife decided to undergo bariatric surgery. She was referred to the program at Banner Gateway Bariatric Center. We discussed the various options and decided that the bariatric sleeve was the right choice for her and began our bariatric journey. I said our, because we decided that we would undertake this journey together. Read more from Bill 

Tamela’s Story
I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. Growing up my weight was not an issue because I was active throughout my school years. Once I became an adult I stated slowly gaining weight and found that it was easier to put it on then it was to take it off. Like most people I thought that weight loss surgery was taking the easy way out so for me it was never an option. My husband had the lap band surgery and I must say that I thought he was taking the easy way out. I saw how hard he still needed to work to not only get the weight off but keep it off and my views were changed.  I started to realize that weight loss surgery was not a solution but it was a tool to help people break the cycle of being obese. Read more from Tamela 

Denise's Story
Like most people considering bariatric surgery, I struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, especially after my children were born.  I was on every crazy diet out there. I would lose some but then gain it back plus more. One day my daughter came home from school crying.  When I asked her what was wrong she didn’t want to tell me.  The kids on her bus were making fun of me and calling me names because I was so fat.  She said the kids in her classroom were also making fun of me.  For me that was one of the final straws in my decision to get healthier.  Read more from Denise 

Lynda's Story
As long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. Even as a child it bothered me. I tried many diets over the years, but with little to no success. My blood pressure was rising and my health was declining. The final straw was when I had to buy an even larger dress size than the size 28 I was already wearing. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend more money on bigger and uglier clothes. And I didn’t want to die young. That’s when I decided to investigate bariatric surgery. Read more from Lynda 

Steve's Story
I grew up in Wisconsin. I was always a bigger kid. Don’t you love the term “husky?” I was always encouraged to bulk up to wrestle and play football. I was the youngest of five brothers so I learned to eat fast so I could get seconds. I always cleaned my plate, there were people starving in this world and I didn’t dare waste food. This started many years of bad eating habits. Read more from Steve 

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