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Banner Heart Hospital Anniversary Video

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Banner Heart Hospital: 2010 Anniversary - Full Transcription

Audio: Background music plays throughout video.

Text:  Laura Robertson
CEO, Banner Heart Hospital, 2009-2010

Image:  Laura Robertson speaks on- and off camera
Images of the outside of Banner Heart Hospital
Audio:  “Banner Heart Hospital, over the past ten years, has just been a constant state of change. When I sit there and think about this hospital is ten years old, we’ve had five expansion projects and we continue to perform outstanding in all areas.”

Text:  Kathy Bollinger
CEO, Banner Heart Hospital 1999-2005

Image:  Kathy Bollinger speaks on- and off-camera
Staff member working with patient on treadmill

Audio: “The heart staff at Mesa Lutheran that developed the reputation for outstanding cardiac care came from Mesa Lutheran over to the Heart Hospital. We were starting with a new building, we were starting with new attitudes, we were starting with all kinds of new partnerships and arrangements, but we weren’t starting from scratch from an experience standpoint.”

Text:  Dr. Edward Perlstein
Founding Medical Director

Image:  Dr. Perlstein speaks on- and off-camera
Hospital reception area

Audio: “We knew what we needed and what we had hoped to accomplish, we achieved and I think, over the past couple of years, have even exceeded our original expectations.”

Image:  Laura Robertson speaks off- and on-camera
Staff members interacting with patients and performing duties

Audio: “We have a highly engaged employee base here because of the culture. We recognize those front line employees as experts in what they do and we value their opinion and many times they’re at the table helping us make those difficult decisions.”

Images:  Kathy Bollinger speaks on- and off-camera
Physicians interacting and examining patients

Audio: “The unique partnership that was formed between the Heart Hospital and the physician/owners, even though they are not today financial owners, I think one of the best things to look back at is to notice that they are still emotional owners in that hospital.”

Text:  Banner Heart Hospital
Excellent Patient Care

Text:  Peter Fine
President and CEO, Banner Health

Image:  Peter Fines speaks off- and on-camera
Staff members performing duties and working with patients

Audio: “The patient experience is one of our most important initiatives as a company. Banner Heart is a consistent top performer, in this realm, in our organization and around the nation. The hospital routinely performs at a level greater than 90 percent of other hospitals. What that means is that the team at Banner Heart exceeds at living our mission day in and day out.”
Image: Kathy Bollinger speaks on camera

Audio: “When you’re able focus on a very small subset of health conditions and you do it all day, you can get very, very good at it.”

Text:  Jim Merritt
Volunteer, Former Patient

Image:  Jim Merritt speaks on-camera

Audio: “You can’t get any better care anywhere else from very, very professional people. They know what they’re doing, they care about what they’re doing, they care about the people they’re treating.”

Text:  Frenchie Meyer

Image:  Frenchie Meyer speaks on-camera

Audio:  “What happened to me with my heart – I had cardiac arrest. When that happened and I woke up in Banner Heart, I knew it was going to be okay.”

Text:  Rosemary Francois Kremer

Image:   Rosemary Francois speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Well, I don’t think you can beat Banner Heart Hospital for all that they offer, both in surgical care and while you’re a patient, but especially their rehab department. And their concern and compassion, dedication to you living a long and healthy – heart healthy life.”

Text:  Phil Rauso
Volunteer, Former Patient

Image:   Phil Rauso speaks on-camera

Audio:  “You could just feel atmosphere here – how nice it is – the nurses and everything. It’s just a wonderful place to be.”
Image: Jim Merritt speaks on-camera

Audio:  “Nurses, doctors, aides, they all treated me as if I were one of their family.”

Text:  Dr. David Wilcoxson
Medical Chief of Staff

Image: Dr. Wilcoxson speaks on- and off-camera
Staff members interacting and treating patients

Audio:  “A lot of what we have to do as physicians and need to do as physicians – these patients are here, they’re afraid, they’re sick and a little bit of gentleness, a little bit of time, a little bit of caring, your patient will end up trusting you more.”

Text: Banner Heart Hospital
Innovative Programs

Image: Laura Robertson speaks on-camera

Audio:  “One of our strengths is the focus on the needs of the community so we look at what is occurring in our own population and that’s what drives our programmatic growth here at Banner Heart.”

Text:  Rebecca Kuhn
President, Banner Arizona East Region

Image:  Rebecca Kuhn speaks on- and off-camera
Staff members using medical equipment

Audio:  “We have the Heart Rhythm Center, we have the Women’s Heart Center, we have the Hanson robot technology—those are the kinds of things, from a programmatic standpoint, that really put the Heart Hospital ahead.”

Image:   Peter Fine speaks on-camera

Audio:  “You know Banner Heart Hospital is a leader in innovation, quality and performance, both within our system and in the whole nation. In addition to being named a top 100 hospital three out of the last four years, it’s also the only hospital in Arizona, and quite frankly, one of only seven in the country to be designated a nationally accredited Heart Failure Institute by the Health Care Colloquial.”

Text:  Banner Heart Hospital
Industry Leadership

Image:  Rebecca Kuhn speaks off-camera.
Staff members working and interacting with each other

Audio:  “Banner Heart has accomplished so much in ten years. They’ve really put the organization on the map. It’s an organization that people, not only in Arizona but across the nation, are looking to in terms of setting some great standards around cardio vascular care.”

Text: Debbie Flores
CEO, Banner Heart Hospital, 2010 to present

Image: Debbie Flores speaks on-camera

Audio:  “We are leaders in many respects already in the innovative way we deliver care to our cardiac patients. Research is going to improve and prolong the care of cardiac patients’ lives in the future. And we’ll need to incorporate that into the way we deliver the care throughout our organizations, not only at Banner Heart but in all of our hospitals. So we will be leading the organization to identify the best practices and the best way to take care of those patients in the future.”

Images: Laura Robertson speaks off-camera
Staff members interacting with patients and performing work

Audio:  “Banner Heart Hospital embraces change like no other. Whether it’s driving new services or new programs, such as cardiac alert or hypothermia, whether it’s adapting to health care reform and driving care for the heart failure patient along the continuum, we are consistently leaders driving change and adapting to change before someone else does it.”

Image: Rebecca Kuhn speaks on-camera

Audio:  “I understand and just watching with such excitement because I know what these individuals who are going down new paths and creating the future for cardiovascular care, what that means: what it means for the patient, what it means for this community, what it means for the individual care giver. And that’s exciting work. It’s legacy work that this organization is doing.”

Text:  Banner Heart Hospital

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