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rehabiitation at Banner heart Hospital, Mesa, Arizona  

Banner Heart Hospital offers cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation tailored to our patients' individual needs.

Our three-phase cardiac rehabilitation program consists of inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation and a maintenance program to help patients adjust to a new, heart-healthy lifestyle.

  • Phase IInpatient Rehabilitation is designed for patients who have experienced a heart attack, open-heart bypass surgery, or stable angina. Emphasis is placed on education of the disease and a gradual introduction of exercise and its role in overall heart health.
  • Phase IIOutpatient Rehabilitation provides self-monitoring skills and the tools necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Monitored exercise sessions three times a week and a weekly group education and support class are key components of the outpatient rehabilitation phase. Banner Heart Hospital's well-equipped rehabilitation facility features:
    • Treadmills
    • Stationary Bicycles
    • Strength Training and Endurance Equipment
  • Phase IIIThe Maintenance phase of the program gives patients the opportunity to build upon the progress made during the outpatient rehabilitation phase. The program includes supervised exercise and ongoing support to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. The maintenance program is highly beneficial for those at high risk of developing heart disease.

The cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation program at Banner Heart Hospital is designed to complement physician care. Patients must receive a written referral to begin rehabilitation at the hospital.

In addition to physician referral, please speak with your insurance provider to confirm whether outpatient cardiac rehabilitation is a covered service. 

To schedule an appointment, please call (480) 854-5045.

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