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Life Stories program offers personal touch to patient care


Life Stories WriterWhen Laurence received care at Banner Heart Hospital, his caregivers knew as much about him as a person as they did about his medical condition and health history.

"I really liked the Life Stories approach. This was the second time I was in there," Laurence said of his subsequent visit to Banner Heart.

"I can't praise you enough. Your staff is great and my doctor was exceptional. I'm so happy I received care from your hospital."
Through a program called Life Stories, Banner Heart staff members extend a unique personal touch to caring for patients. Now, in addition to understanding patients' health issues, medical teams also take time to learn more about who patients are as individuals.

People don't always want to discuss their medical condition. By learning patients' life histories, Banner Heart Hospital staff and physicians can connect with patients on a more personal level. It's a simple way to make a difference in people's lives by adding a personal touch to the care we provide while they're with us.

After a patient is admitted to Banner Heart, a Life Stories coordinator determines if the patient is appropriate for the program. The most suitable patients are those who have a diagnosis that will cause extensive hospitalization or repeat admissions. Patient participation is completely voluntary.

If a patient is selected, a volunteer meets with the patient or family members. Once the patient has been interviewed, a written document is drafted based on personal life accounts. The document then is placed in the patient's chart, and presented to him/her as a memento.

This also gives the staff and physicians a chance to connect more personally to patients during their stay - not simply exclusive to their medical conditions.

Questions? Call Volunteer Services at (480) 321-4122.

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