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Preparing for Surgery

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At Banner Heart Hospital, we understand there are a lot of details to attend to when planning for surgery.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Family-Centered Patient Care
Our Surgical Care staff focuses on a proactive approach to quality patient care that includes communication and education. From the time the patient begins preparing for surgery throughout recovery, our team emphasizes a family-centered approach to help ease any anxiety a patient may have.

Pain Management
It is likely the patient will experience some discomfort following a  surgical procedure. There are many methods available to keep pain levels to an acceptable level that will allow a patient to participate in therapy and rest. Please discuss these options with the surgeon and anesthesiologist and review information at pain management. 

Heart surgery FAQs

  1. What medications should I take the day of my surgery? Follow your doctor’s specific directions about taking medications before surgery. Take any medication that your physician has told you to take the day of surgery with only a sip of water.
  2. How long will I be away from work?
    It may depend on many factors, for example, how well you are recovering, and what type of work you do.  Your physician will have to clear you, before you start back to work. We recommend not to hurry back too soon.
  3. How long will I be in the hospital?
    The length of hospitalization will vary with patients. However, many patients go home in about four to five days.
  4. Can my family and friends visit me in the intensive care unit (CVICU)?
    Yes, they can visit you for short times in CVICU. Visiting hours will be explained to you and your friends and family.
  5. Will I be in pain after surgery?
    You may have discomfort. Much has been learned about pain in the last few years. Pain is different for each individual, as people have varying tolerances for pain. Your pain will be regularly assessed during your hospitalization and it is important for you to know that most pain can be controlled.  You will also receive a prescription for pain medication from a physician when you leave the hospital.
  6. When can I drive?
    This may depend on your clinical course. Discuss this with your surgeon at your visit. You can be a passenger in a vehicle.
  7. What activities can I do when I get home?
    It is best to ease back into activities that you did before your surgery. As part of your cardiac rehabilitation, a plan will be discussed with you. Also, you may want to discuss this with your surgeon at your visit.
  8. Where will my incision be?
    Your incisions will depend upon the type of surgery you have. For open-heart coronary bypass surgery or valve replacement, the incision is located in the middle of the chest. Coronary bypass surgery often involves a leg incision, in order to harvest the vessel to be used as a graft(s). If you have minimally invasive procedures, the incision locations may vary.
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