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Banner Health's New Cancer Partner


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Transcript: Banner's New Cancer Partner

Super:  Bill Byron, Senior Director, Public Relations and Online Services, Banner Health

Image:  Bill Byron, Speaking

Audio:  “Peter, this interview deals with some major news for Banner Health because we're announcing our cancer partner finally and that honor is yours.  So tell us a little bit about the cancer partner.”

Image:  2-shot of Bill Byron in foreground, Peter Fine across table.

Super:  Peter S. Fine, President and CEO, Banner Health

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  "Well today we're ready to announce that we are developing a long-term relationship with the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.  M. D. Anderson is an organization that has been in existence for about 60 years, and have as their primary home their main campus in Houston.  They were created with a primary purpose and the primary purpose was the eradication of cancer, through the development of patient care services, significant research capabilities, an educational program…”

Image:  Reaction shot of Bill Byron, nodding.

Peter Fine VO:   “…and prevention activities. 

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio: “They have been listed number one or two as the most prominent cancer center in the country in U. S. News and World Reports listing of best hospitals in the cancer arena - of that listing have been number one or two for the nineteen years they've been in existence.  And, in four of the last six years have been listed as the number one cancer center in the country.”

Image:  Bill Byron on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  "Tell us a little bit about M. D. Anderson."

Peter Fine VO:  “They're an ideal partner for Banner because…”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “…as we began to look at the various opportunities for relationships around the country and we talked to a number of people who we thought met our particular criteria and also partners who had some interest in wanting to consider…”

Image:  2-shot of Peter Fine in foreground, Bill Byron across table, listening.

Peter Fine VO:  “…a working relationship.”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “You begin to recognize people that seem to have a good relationship, a working relationship, a cultural mix that seems to work. 

Image:  Reaction shot of Bill Byron, listening.

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “One of the key goals here is to develop, here in Arizona in partnership with Banner, an extension of the M. D. Anderson product – and a full extension of that product – so when people come into the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center here in Arizona, they will see that as an extension of the product that they can receive if they were going to Houston."

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