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Our New Cancer Center Name and Location


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Transcript:  Cancer Partner Location

Image:  2-shot of Bill Byron in foreground, Peter Fine across table.

Image: Bill Byron, Speaking

Audio:  “What will the name of this new facility be, Peter?””

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “Well the local entity will be called the M. D. Anderson Banner Cancer Center… ”

Graphic focusing on screen, reading: M. D. ANDERSON / logo Banner Cancer Center

Audio VO:  “And it is to reflect the partnership that we have with them… ”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Super:  Peter S. Fine, President and CEO, Banner Health

Audio:  “…in a way that suggests the combination of the strengths of Banner in this community,…”

Image:  Reaction shot of Bill Byron, nodding.

Peter Fine VO:  “… being the largest provider of comprehensive services for the community…”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “… and one of the more significant providers and the largest provider of cancer services in the community – and marry ourselves up with an organization that is value added to the community and to what we provide today.”

Image:  Bill Byron on-camera, speaking.

Super:  Bill Byron, Senior Director, Public Relations and Online Services, Banner Health

Audio:  “Where is the location for the M. D. Anderson Banner Cancer Center, Peter?

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “The location of the Cancer Center is going to be at the intersection of…”

Image:  Shots of Gilbert near new Cancer Center.

Peter Fine VO:  “… US 60 and Higley Road in the East Valley on the northern most piece of land that resides in the town of Gilbert. 

Image:  Bill Byron, speaking.

Audio:  “Why did we select the Banner Gateway Campus for the location?

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “We selected this campus, Bill, because it really met all of the criteria that we had established.”

Image:  Various shots of exterior campus buildings.

Peter Fine VO:  “Number one, we needed land, quite frankly, and we didn’t have to acquire land because this campus, when it was developed – the Banner Gateway Campus – a few years ago, we purchased enough land that would allow for significant expansion. 

Image: Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “Two. We didn’t want to put it on a campus where we also had to develop, at this stage,…”

Image:  Shots of exterior buildings, staff members walking to-from building, exterior shots of emergency room wing.

Peter Fine VO:  “… an investment in a hospital associated with the outpatient services that we’re developing because we felt that was a little too risky financially. And, maybe 10 years from now if the program grows large enough, we may need to expand the in-patient capacity.

Image:  Peter Fine, continuing.

Audio:  “But right now we are focused on outpatient services but we wanted those outpatient services to be co-located with an inpatient environment.  This provided the ideal situation to do that.  We also didn’t have to put it on a campus where we had to destruct buildings and have all of the added costs of either destructing buildings or moving programs around to be able to fit this in to an already existing campus.  We also were looking for some place that had not only accessibility to a major freeway, which this does with US 60, but also in this particular case,…”

Image:  Montage of exterior airport shots.

Peter Fine VO:  “… it is co-located right near an airport for the patient population that may be trying to access this in a more private fashion.  So it met many, many of our criteria.”

Image:  Bill Byron on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “When will the M. D. Anderson Banner Cancer Center open?”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “We expect the outpatient component, the 120,000 square-foot building, to be started form a construction perspective sometime in 2010 and then to be completed in 2011.  And the activities along the way will involve the developing of the medical staff and the recruiting of physicians – all of the leaders from medical directors and the perspective of Clinical Chairman, will come from the M. D. Anderson side, obviously.

And it is going to be a requirement on this campus that all physicians that participate either be present M. D. Anderson physicians.  It could be physicians that have previously been trained by M. D. Anderson and have gone somewhere else but now looking to come back into the M. D. Anderson world, or other physicians that will be required to get some additional training on the M. D. Anderson campus in Houston in order to understand their way of delivering care – and then can be participants in this as well. 

So the next two years of development will be constructing of facilities, recruiting of physicians, and developing the automation that will be necessary for the M. D. Anderson physicians located in this marketplace to virtually be online in communication with the activities and the services that are provided in their Houston market."

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