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What This Partnership Brings to Arizona


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Transcript:  What This Partnership Brings

Super:  Bill Byron, Senior Director, Public Relations and Online Services, Banner Health

Image:  Bill Byron, Speaking

Audio:  “What will this partnership bring to the Valley and to Banner?””

Super:  Peter S. Fine, President and CEO, Banner Health

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “It’ll be interesting.  It brings a level of research capability to a degree that just doesn’t exist here in its volume and its depth.  And being able to bring that capability to this marketplace will allow people to have access that they just don’t have…”

Image:  Reaction shot of Bill Byron, nodding.

Peter Fine:  “… access to today.  It will…”

Image: Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “… expand and develop a large number of well-paying jobs for the community. We think that’s good so economically we think this is a significant advantage in development for the greater…”

Image:  Reaction shot of Bill Byron, listening.

Peter Fine:  “… Phoenix area.  We really see…”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “… this as a program that’s intended to serve the whole state.  And the services that they provide will be accessible to anybody who wants to access them on their own – and therefore we see as an economic engine that will drive further development for the state as a center for significant cancer activities.”

Image:  Bill Byron on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “Do we anticipate that there will be patients coming to this cancer center from out of town?”

Image:  Peter Fine on-camera, speaking.

Audio:  “We certainly do.  One of the motivations, certainly from M. D. Anderson’s perspective, is to extend their brand and extend their product to the west coast.  And they see this extension now to our marketplace being something that will allow patients from the west coast,…”

Image:  Reaction shot of Bill Byron, nodding.

Peter Fine:  “… who want to achieve in a relationship with M. D. Anderson’s cancer capability,…”

Image:  Peter fine on-camera, continuing.

Audio:  “… whether it be the patient-care side or the research side – much closer to access now.” 

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