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Banner MD Anderson's Garden of HopeThe John C. Hardison Garden of Hope, located on the first floor outside of the main lobby, symbolizes the journey patients and their families often travel. There are several areas within the garden for patients and visitors to enjoy.

Water Garden
This area includes three low decorative water walls that gently trickle water along stone fountains to create a tranquil environment to symbolize the beginning of the cancer journey.

Zen Garden
This area, located in the middle of the courtyard, features benches for relaxation and stepping stones through a seasonal garden of wildflowers that form the “Journey of Hope.” This path is a symbol of the cancer journey, with the stepping stones and large boulders resembling challenges patients and their families may face along the way. 

Togetherness Garden
This area, located in the back of the courtyard, is designed for patients and their families to gather and reflect on their journey as they look upon the Togetherness Sculpture. You enter this garden through a narrow doorway which symbolizes hope and victory at the conclusion of treatment. The Togetherness Sculpture features three stones that symbolize those who made the journey. The tallest piece represents the survivor; the next, family, and the last, friends.

The garden is named for John Charles Hardison, a businessman, inventor and philanthropist, who established a prostate cancer research fund at the cancer center to help future patients live long, healthy lives and to inspire others to give back. Learn more about John Charles Hardison.

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