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Freshman Class Video

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Freshman Class Video - Full Transcription

“The New Kid in Town”
Kate Schmidt, Physician Resource Director
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Audio:  Lively percussion beating over opening title.

Text:     “The New Kid in Town”

Text: Adrienne Forstner-Barthell, MD - Colo-Rectal Surgery

Image:  Adrienne Forstner-Barthell speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “Well, I think, the most difficult part of developing your practice is that, as a surgeon, and really, as a physician, you don’t have a clue –(laughs)—how to run a practice. So I think that’s the most difficult part.”

Images: Two physicians conversing and another physician, one-on-one, with a staff member.

Audio: “But the hardest part was figuring out some of the nitty-gritty of building your practice and how do you, as a surgeon, for example, how much time do you spend in a clinic…”

Image: Adrienne Forstner-Barthell continues on-camera

Audio:  “…versus how much time do you spend operating? How do you get blocked time at places? What places you do prioritize to get blocked time at? Everybody wants a piece of you.”

Text: Kate Schmidt - Physician Resource Director
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Audio:  Background Music begins and continues throughout video.

Image: Kate Schmidt speaks on camera.

Audio:  “Hi. My name is Kate Schmidt, and I’m the Physician Resource Director here at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. You received the linked to this video because you’ve joined our medical staff within the last few years. Banner Thunderbird recognizes that getting to know fellow medical staff members, while also trying to build a successful practice, is not easy. That is why we would like to encourage you to participate in a project we call, ‘The Freshman Class’ ”

Text: The Freshman Class

Audio:  School bell rings.

Text: Robert Swierupski, MD - Internal Medicine

Image: Robert Swierupski speaks

Audio:  “It’s hard when patients will ask, ‘Is Dr. X really nice?’ or ‘Is Dr. Y a good doctor?’”

Image: Footage of Robert Swierupski working at his desk.

Audio:  “…‘Do they have a good bed side manner?’ And it’s hard to answer that honestly when you don’t even know what the physician looks like.”

Image: Kate Schmidt speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “The Freshman Class was designed to help create a forum, where new physicians can meet each other, exchange referral information, and discuss what their practices have to offer. This program can make it easier for you to develop immediate referral relationships with long-lasting effects on quality patient care and your productivity.”

Image:  Adrienne Forstner-Barthell, MD, speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “So, for me, that relationship is important. And when I meet those physicians at the Meet-and-Greet, sometimes they may have been referring people to me for a year before I even meet them. But when I meet them, that’s always an important part of the relationship and we can put faces to names. And they’re able to tell me that the relationship that they have built with me, establishing my ability in a way I take care of patients, is important to them too.”

Text: Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, MD - Critical Care Medicine

Image: Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, MD, speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “Different physicians may approach the same disease, or the same case, in different ways, and it’s always important if we tell the family kind of the same thing. Otherwise, the family will be confused. So if I know how Dr. So-and-So will approach this disease, it will make my communication easier and will minimize family frustration. And ICU patients are sick, their families are all frustrated, they want to know what’s going on…”

Image: Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, MD, reviews medical file with another physician.

Audio:  “…they really want to know the details of the patient plan of care. And if they get different messages, that will increase their anxiety level.”

Image:  Kate Schmidt speaks on-camera and voice-over the following texts.

Audio:  “The Freshman Class will also give you the opportunity to avoid, learning the hard way, the things they didn’t teach you in medical school about running your practice.”

Text: How did you develop “Word of Mouth” for your practice?

Audio:  “How did you develop “Word of Mouth” for your practice?”

Text: Which professional associations did you find beneficial to join?

Audio:  “Which professional associations did you find beneficial to join?”

Text: Who designed your website?

Audio:  “Who designed your website?”

Image: Series of photos taken during a Breakfast Club meeting.

Audio:  “These are just examples of topics that the Banner Thunderbird Freshman Class will discuss. Each monthly Breakfast Club meeting will have both an opportunity for building your referral base through networking and discovering from each other what it takes to build a successful practice. The times and dates of upcoming meetings are included in your e-mail, and available online.”

Image: Kate Schimidt speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “Please consider active participation in this unique project.”

Image: Robert Swierupski, MD, speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “I’m glad that The Freshman Class has been established so that physicians can get together to learn about the other physicians in the area, both in the primary care field as well as the specialty services, so that we can get together,…”

Image: Robert Swierupski, MD, converses with a staff member.

Audio:  “…learn to know each other and what we can provide for the patients in this area.”

Image: Mohamad-Ali-Baghdadi, MD, continues.

Audio:  “As a new physician here at Banner Health, I would like to know and get to meet, personally, the physicians who admit patients here. And I also would like them to meet me because, in ICU, the physicians really have to trust the Intensivist taking care of his patient. And I think this personal communication will help in building this trust between the
Intensivist and the admitting physician.”

Image:  Kate Schmidt continues on-camera.

Audio:  “Our mission to make a difference in people’s lives thru excellent patient care cannot be done without your help. Your success is our success. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in The Freshman Class.”

Text: For more information on The Freshman Class contact:
Kate Schmidt - Physician Resource Director
(602) 865-5650 

Audio:  Background music fades out.

Image: Screen fades to black.

Audio:  School bell rings.

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