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Video: Relating to Parents

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Pediatric Interviews: Cardon Children’s Medical Center - Full Transcription
How do you relate to the parents?

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Image:  Image of Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

Text:  Banner Health, Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Text: How do you relate to the parents?

Text: Dr. Glenn Waterkotte, Pediatric Neonatologist

Image: Dr. Waterkotte speaks on-camera

Audio:  “I have an enormous advantage in that we were able to have four children who not only taught me about raising children but taught me about the role and responsibility of parenthood. I am able to lead several doctors and many, many nurses in how we partner with the parents, as the parents have a baby, in the care of their child.”   

Text: Dr. Edward Holland, Pediatric Endocrinologist

Image: Dr. Holland speaks on-camera

Audio: “We try make them laugh and usually manage to do that; families too because they’re very stressed, they need to kind of relax a bit and get back to a normal life. And life with diabetes can be very difficult and stressful on families.”

Text: Sarah Jones, Child Life Specialist

Image: Sarah Jones speaks on-camera

Audio: “And I really enjoy working with the families and the parents. Sometimes when they’re frustrated, you know, and they’re in the room for, you know, day after day and it’s a long day and nurses and doctors can only come in so often. So, you know, as child life specialists, we try to check in with the families and ask them—even if it’s a cup of coffee—do you need something? Or just to be an ear to listen, you know, it really helps with the family-centered care.”

Text: Dr. Norman Saba, Vice President, Medical Staff Services, Pediatrics

Image: Dr. Saba speaks on-camera

Audio: “I spend a lot of time talking directly to the child if they’re old enough to interact with me. The little infants, I play with them, cuddle them, make them laugh. I mean that’s really fun. And I think the parents, it puts them at ease knowing that the person they’re seeing truly cares about their baby, their child and them.”

Text: Dr. Imad Haddad, Pediatric Critical Care

Image: Dr. Haddad speaks on-camera

Audio: “They will be part of the answer and the solution and the treatment—not just we’re going to tell them what will happen. But they will be active part of the decision making.”

Text: Dr. John Stock, Pediatric Cardiologist

Image: Dr. Stock speaks on-camera

Audio: “I try to educate the parents so that we can be teammates because they see the kid 24/7, 365; I see them every three weeks, five weeks, six months, a year. And so it’s understanding what to look for so that they know for their kids what are the changes that can occur that may be cardiac related.”

Text: Dr. Alvin Perelman, Pediatric Endocrinologist

Image: Dr. Perelman speaks on-camera

Audio: “Diabetes management is not one person: it’s not me, it’s not the child, it’s not the parents, it’s not the dietitian, it’s not the educator. It’s everybody. And lines of communication have got to be open.”

Text: Dr. S. Reed Shimamoto, Pediatric Allergist

Image: Dr. Shimamoto speaks on-camera

Audio: “I think having your own children and being a parent makes you much more empathetic with parents when they call at 2:00 AM and say, ‘My child is crying or is awake and no one is sleeping,’ having lived through many sleepless nights with my own kids when they’re sick and when they’re up. And even the common cold, when someone’s been crying for four hours, it’s stressful to deal with and I think it helps me to relate to them better and to know what they’re going through.”  

Text: Lisa Hegarty, Pediatric Respiratory Therapist

Image: Lisa Hegarty speaks on-camera

Audio: “The first thing I try to do is connect with the mother to let them know who I am, why I’m here, and that I’m going to do everything I can possible to take really good care of their child.”

Audio: Closing musical tones.

Image:  Image of Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

Text:  Banner Health,  Cardon Children’s Medical Center

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