Why Cardon Children's Medical Center?  

Video: What Makes Cardon Children's Medical Center Special

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Pediatric Interviews: Cardon Children’s Medical Center - Full Transcription
What makes Cardon Children’s Medical Center so special?

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Image:  Image of Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

Text:  Banner Health, Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Text: What makes Cardon Children’s Medical Center so special?

Text: Lisa Hegarty, Pediatric Respiratory Therapist

Image: Lisa Hegarty speaks on-camera
Audio:  “It’s a magical place, you know. I kind of think about it like when I was little and I would walk through the gates of Disneyland it was like, ‘Oooh, wow!’ It’s kind of like that. You walk into this magical world, there’s trees and there’s paintings and murals, there’s waterfalls and there’s – it’s just so welcoming for children.”

Text: Dr. Edward Holland, Pediatric Endocrinologist

Image: Dr. Holland speaks on-camera

Audio: “Well I think the goal is that this new hospital for people who haven’t seen it yet, they’re going to be amazed when they do see it—it’s a beautiful facility. The programs that are going to be inside the hospital are excellent programs with physicians that have come from all over the country that have excellent training and excellent programs that are sub-specialists in all the areas now.”

Text: Dr. Petr Ruzicka, Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Image: Dr. Ruzicka speaks on-camera

Audio: “The decision was made to have a completely comprehensive pediatric care that would involve all surgical specialties, all medical specialties.”

Text: Dr. Greg Hrasky, Pediatric Orthopedics

Image: Dr. Hrasky speaks on-camera

Audio: “When Cardon, as an entity, talks about seeing things through children’s eyes or planning things through children’s eyes, that excites me, because it reflects the attitude that I have in treating patients in my practice where, beyond having technical and educational background in orthopedic surgery, I also remember I was once a child.”

Text: Dr. Swati Kolpuru, Pediatric Gastrtoenterologist

Image: Dr. Kolpuru speaks on-camera

Audio: “People here are very passionate about providing the best care and I think I’m fortunate enough to work with really hard-working and people who are really advocates for the children.”

Text: Dr. Scott Elton, Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Image: Dr. Elton speaks on-camera

Audio: “This represents an opportunity from truly the ground up. And so it’s an opportunity for a children’s hospital to, in a sense, re-invent itself in a way that is very child and family focused. It removes some of the sterility of being in a hospital.”

Text: Dr. Edward Rhee, Pediatric Cardiologist

Image: Dr. Rhee speaks on-camera

Audio: “Having built this facility here in these Valleys is a great thing because, you know, there’s no reason that people will have to drive 20 miles to get care downtown that can be provided out here.”

Text: Dr. David Curran, Chair, Pediatric Department

Image: Dr. Curran speaks on-camera

Audio: “It’s about all encompassing care, every aspect that a child could possibly need, depending on whatever illness they could possibly have.”

Audio: Closing musical tones.

Image:  Image of Cardon Children’s Medical Center 

Text:  Banner Health, Cardon Children’s Medical Center

Cardon Children's Medical Center
1400 S. Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 412-KIDS (5437)
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