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Excelling in School: Meet Courtney

Excelling in School: Meet Courtney  

Name: Courtney

Age: 15

Her story: Our daughter had completed almost all of her freshman year and had only a month to go when she became suddenly very ill.  She required an extended hospitalization and surgery. 

Courtney has always excelled in school. If it weren't for the liaison provided by Cardon Children’s, we would have been in a world of trouble. The liaison, Craig, worked with Courtney's school on our behalf to allow Courtney to retain credit for the year's work.  She not only worked with the individual teachers on how best to allow Courtney to finish each class, whether it be providing a tutor while she finished an assignment or test in the hospital, but also working with the vice principal to ensure that all ran smoothly from both sides. 

We had no idea how to handle this area of Courtney's life at the time.  We were so focused on her health, and worried about her schooling, but not sure what we could do about it.  Craig saved the year for Courtney.  She enabled Courtney to maintain credits and grades and focus on healing.  We will be forever grateful for this service and for Craig working so hard for Courtney.


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