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Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists  

Cardon Children's Medical Center realizes that a hospital stay can be an unfamiliar experience for children.

We offer one of the most comprehensive team of child life specialists in Arizona to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible during their stay.

Our team can help with:

  • Medical Preparation: Child life specialists can help children understand what will happen at the hospital. By giving just the right amount of information, based on the child’s age, a child’s fears of their upcoming experience can be lessened.
  • Support During Procedures: Child life specialists can help reduce pain and anxiety during medical procedures. They offer coping and breathing techniques and provide emotional support.
  • Surgical Care: Pre-surgery tours are offered to allow children and families to become familiar with the hospital environment before the child’s admission for surgery
  • Medical Play: Medical play uses real or pretend medical equipment and supplies to help children become more comfortable in the hospital. This allows children to express their feelings, talk about misconceptions, and become more calm about the hospital experience. 
  • Therapeutic Play: Therapeutic play activities can help decrease pain, meet treatment goals, teach new skills and shorten recovery time. Play activities can take place at a child’s bedside or in a playroom.
  • Support for Siblings: Brothers and sisters are affected by illness and injury, too. They may need help understanding what is happening and how to work through their feelings and concerns about their sibling. Specialists are available to help brothers and sisters by giving support and answering their questions.

A key function of Child Life is promoting family-centered care, which means involving parents and family members in a child’s care.

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