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Dr. Alvin Perelman

Medical director Alvin Perelman, MD Medical Director Alvin Perelman, MD  

Dr. Alvin Perelman is the medical director for pediatric endocrinology at Cardon Children's Medical Center.

Dr. Alvin Perelman grew up in Montreal, Canada and went to medical school in Calgary, Alberta, graduating in 1976. There, he met his mentor who spurred his interest in pediatric endocrinology. By his third year in medical school, he was already taking calls for patients of his mentor when he was out of town.

This led to two fellowships in this specialty. The first was at LA Children’s Hospital, a USC facility. The second was at Harbor General Hospital, a UCLA facility.  Because of visa status, he went back to Canada and opened a private practice in Ottawa for four years. 

He joined the faculty at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and worked there for 17 years. He was head of the endocrine section for 15 years. In 2000, he began his own private practice at SW Pediatric Endocrinology to be able to offer a more personalized service to patients and families. To this day, he’ll call patients on nights or weekends when he gets back lab work.

Dr. Perelman’s main clinical interests are growth disorders and congenital hypothyroidism. The latter was a major part of his research fellowship.

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