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Six Monies for the Children's Hospital


Samantha 'Sam' Linville

No one was more aware of the long hours her mom was putting in during the fall of 2004 than Samantha “Sam”.

Sam’s mom, Nancy, was the senior public relations specialist at Banner Desert Medical Center, and preparations were underway to announce the renaming of its Children’s Center to Banner Children’s Hospital at Banner Desert Medical Center (today the name is Cardon Children's Medical Center).

Shortly after arriving home one evening, Sam asked her mommy why she was working so much. Nancy explained to her then 3-year-old daughter than “Mommy’s work is building a hospital for kids.” When Sam learned from her mom that the children’s hospital would be built once there was enough money, Sam decided to help speed up the process.

The next morning, Sam located the money she had earned for extra chores she had performed around the house.

Taking the coins and placing them in her mom’s hand, Sam said, “Here are six monies, Mommy. Will that make the children’s hospital get done faster?”

Sam’s five pennies and a nickel became the first donation in support of Banner Children’s Hospital at Banner Desert Medical Center. Sam Linville became its first donor.

A free-standing hospital designed and built especially for kids in Arizona is now scheduled to arrive in 2008. And to think it started with six monies. Join Sam in supporting the new children’s hospital.

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