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Patient-Centered Care

At Page Hospital, gone are the days of bare walls, fluorescent lights and obtrusive barriers separating patients and staff. Rather, that archaic hospital philosophy and design has given way to a new school of thought centered around the belief that the environment in which one receives care has as much bearing on the outcome as the treatments prescribed.

As part of the Planetree Association, a non-profit organization working to transform hospitals and healthcare organizations into true healing environments, Page Hospital has become more than just another hospital.

Here are some of the ways we are working to become the best healing environment for you.

Importance of family, friends and social support
We encourage the involvement of family and friends whenever possible. Page Hospital encourages family members and loved ones to stay with patients. Hospitals can be stressful and having loved ones close can minimize that stress. Page Hospital has open visiting hours and accommodations for family members to stay with patients in their room.

Healing environment
Our physical environment is focused on healing and well-being. Our rooms are designed with healing and comfort in mind. Amenities such as refrigerators, access to outdoor patios and gardens, and quilts on the beds make patients’ rooms feel more like home.

Medical equipment is hidden from patient view and overhead paging and staff announcements have been replaced with the soothing sounds of soft music. Artwork and décor inspired by the area’s large Native American population and the surrounding beauty of the canyons and Lake Powell is featured throughout the hospital.

Healing TouchHuman touch
Touch reduces anxiety, pain and stress benefiting patients, residents, families and caregivers. Our caregivers have learned the art of Healing Touch. Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses heart-centered touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Integrative therapies
At Page Hospital, we have expanded our therapy options beyond traditional care. In addition to Healing Touch, we offer aromatherapy, Reiki, and music therapy. We have Healing Gardens with water features, benches, sculpture and chimes surrounded by a rock wall for patients and visitors to enjoy nature on campus.

Spirituality and diversity
Supporting patients, families, and caregivers in connecting with their own spirituality enhances the healing environment. Page Hospital has a non-denominational chapel on campus. To honor our Native American culture, a healing Hogan and weaving loom are available for patients and guests.

The Culinary department is available to meet with patients to assist with meal selections so that nourishment meets religious, cultural or special dietary considerations.

The Planetree philosophy of care takes a holistic approach to healing at all levels: emotional, spiritual, mental, social and physical. The goal is to empower patients and families through the exchange of information and encourage healing partnerships with caregivers. Maximizing positive health care outcomes by integrating optimal traditional therapies and incorporating art and nature into the environment are important components of the Planetree philosophy and culture at Page Hospital.

Page Hospital
501 N. Navajo
P.O. Box 1447
Page, AZ 86040
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