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Banner iCare™ Intensive Care


In October 2011, Page Hospital opened the doors to its first ever Intensive Care Unit. The new Page Hospital ICU became the sixteenth Banner ICU to implement eICU® technology, a remote monitoring system that provides an advanced, additional layer of care for hospitalized patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

How Banner iCare works for ICU patients
Banner iCare uses a two-way, audiovisual communication system that allows Banner iCare Center staff to see and speak directly with the patient in a room. Patients can see and hear the nurse on a monitor located across from their beds.

The Banner iCare specialists are not a replacement for caregivers at the hospital but rather additional practitioners who have immediate access to the patient’s vital signs, medical records, test results, X-rays, and other information in the medical record. The Banner iCare specialists closely collaborate with onsite professionals in providing immediate supervision and care management. Recent studies show that implementation of the Tele-ICU care model can reduce ICU mortality by 25 percent.

Patients or their representatives are informed about Banner iCare prior to admission and may opt out of monitoring – although most welcome the additional care.

A Virtual Doctor
Vital signs, patient information, laboratory data and x-rays from existing patient bedside monitoring devices are transmitted to an off-site Banner iCare facility. Video cameras, monitors and microphones in patient rooms allow the Banner iCare team and patient to see and speak directly with each other.

Banner iCare physicians can be at the patient bedside virtually while working from a remote command center. Banner iCare can pick up nearly imperceptible changes in a patient's condition or vital signs and head off life-threatening complications.

Immediate Response
When intensivists detect a problem, they can talk live to bedside caregivers via voice and video and discuss treatment and interventions. This timely response can often result in shorter hospital stays with fewer complications for the patient. The intensivist is not a replacement for any caregivers at the hospital, rather an additional practitioner who has access to the patient.

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