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Brain Injury Support Group


support handsAt East Morgan County Hospital, our Brain Injury Support Group can help people recovering from traumatic brain injury.

Our meetings include:

  • speakers, handouts
  • video tapes
  • discussion groups
  • projects
  • sharing/support

The Brush Support Group can help in contacting local rehabilitation services, home health care, counseling respite and daycare providers, community exercise programs, hospitals, tutors, housing agencies, school programs, social security, volunteer programs, recreation and skilled nursing facilities.

The Brush Support Group maintains a library of video tapes, books, articles and pamphlets on all aspects of brain injury which may be checked out.

Funding from money-making projects, contributions, and memberships goes toward stipends for participants to take part in TBI-related events and helps cover costs of operating.

For more information about the Brush Brain Injury Support Group, meeting dates, questions or concerns, please contact Elaine Prascher at (970) 842-4270.

Other Resources: Brain Injury Association (BIA) of Colorado BIA  Colorado provides:

  • Resource database of services, professionals, and agencies that specialize in TBI
  • Support groups
  • Legislative liaison
  • Volunteer program
  • 800 information line
  • Conferences
  • Community education/prevention
  • Outdoor Adventure Challenge for survivors. This is a week of recreational and social experiences.
  • Self-Advocacy for Independent Life (S.A.I.L.). This is a comprehensive training program that empowers survivors and family members to advocate for themselves.
  • Membership is $50 per year at the Basic level. This is for survivor, family and friends. Financial need memberships are $5.

Brain Injury Association of Colorado
4200 W. Conejos Place, Ste. 524
Denver, CO 80204
(800) 955-2443 or (303) 355-9969

Brain Injury Association USA
105 N. Alfred Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 236-6000

For more information on the Brain Injury Support Group and services offered at EMCH, please call (970) 842-6239.

East Morgan County Hospital
2400 W. Edison
Brush, CO 80723
(970) 842-6200
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