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Banner Health: This is McKee Medical Center Video - Full Transcription

Image: Three employees appear one-by-one, speaking as one, the opening dialogue.

Text: This is McKee Medical Center
Making a difference
Through excellent patient care

Audio:  “This is McKee Medical Center, part of Banner Health. And our nonprofit mission is making a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care.”

Audio:  Thematic background music continues throughout video.

Image: Bobette speaks on-camera

Text: Bobette, Banner McKee Patient

Audio:  “I chose McKee Medical Center for my surgery because, from the very beginning, they made me feel comfortable and confident. The staff took care of all of my needs before, during and after surgery and recovery.”

Images: Patient receives one-on-one care from medical professionals. Parent and child interact. Oncology patient and staff members at bell ceremony. Volunteer with therapy dog. Staff members looking at computer records.

Narrator Audio:  “You can see it in our commitment to our patients. It’s reflected in the eyes of the family, whose child has just received the highest quality care available anywhere. And it’s demonstrated in the attitude of the employees and volunteers who love what they do: our family taking care of your family.”

Images: Exterior images of Banner McKee Medical Center
Health professionals with patients

Narrator Audio:  “McKee Medical Center serves residents in Loveland and surrounding Northern Colorado communities. Our nonprofit, state-of-the-art health care, combined with the highest level of dedication to our patients and their healing, leads to our ultimate goal of providing you with an exceptional patient experience.“

Images: Health professional and patient
Patient being anesthetized 

Text:    Specialized Services
Robotic Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
Other Surgical Procedures
Oncology Care
Heart Services

Narrator Audio:  “In addition to outstanding emergency and medical care, McKee Medical Center offers a variety of specialized services, including: robotic, laparoscopic and other surgery procedures, oncology care, heart services and orthopedics.”

Images: Health professional and patient

Narrator Audio:  “At McKee Medical Center, we follow a relationship-based care delivery model. Our nursing staff and other health care providers will develop an individualized care plan with you and your family.”

Image: Pat speaks on-camera

Text: Pat, RN
Banner McKee Employee

Audio:  “What makes McKee Medical Center a great place to work is actually the people here and the relationships we have with all the departments and with our patients.”

Images: Health professional with patient and family member.
Health professional reviewing electronic patient records.

Narrator Audio:  “Providing safe, compassionate, effective care is our highest priority. That is why we provide caregivers with one of the most advanced electronic medical record systems in the country, allowing appropriate and protected computerized access to your medical history.”

Text: Electronic Medical Record
 *  Prescriptions
 *  Lab Results
 *  X-Rays
 *  More Information

Image: Patient being wheeled into procedure room.

Narrator Audio: “This includes prescriptions, lab results, X-rays and other information that help ensure you receive the safest and highest quality care possible.”

Images: Patients and staff in the various departments within Banner McKee Medical Center

Narrator Audio:  “At McKee Medical Center, we’re deeply committed to providing the highest quality clinical care and an excellent patient care experience to all people in need, whether in our hospital beds, our emergency department or through Out-Patient Services. This commitment helps us to remain one of the leading hospitals in the country when it comes to patient satisfaction.”

Image: Marilyn Schock speaks on-camera

Text: Marilyn Schock, CEO
Banner McKee Medical Center

Audio:  “Hi. I’m Marilyn Schock, CEO of McKee Medical Center. On behalf of all of the staff, I want to welcome you and let you know that we are honored to have the opportunity to provide you with excellent patient care. Please consult your patient guide for helpful information during your hospital stay.”

Text: Service Excellence Department
(970) 635-4023

Audio (cont’d):  “If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please contact your caregiver or call our Service Excellence Department at the number on your screen. Thank you and welcome to McKee.”

Audio:  Closing music

Image: Three employees appear one-by-one, speaking as one, the closing dialogue.

Text: This is McKee Medial Center
Making a difference
Through excellent patient care

Audio:  “This is McKee Medical Center, part of Banner Health. And our nonprofit mission is making a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care.”

Text: [Logo]
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McKee Medical Center
2000 Boise Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 820-4640
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