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McKee Labyrinth


McKee LabyrinthThe McKee Labyrinth provides a place for meditation, reflection and healing for hospital visitors, patients, staff and members of the community. 

It is located next to the Wellness Walk on the northeast side of the campus. 

What is a labyrinth?
A labyrinth is a winding path with one entrance/exit.

For those who walk it, the path can provide a sense of peace and empowerment. Walkers move at their own pace and the experience varies from individual to individual.

Labyrinth patterns, originally built into the floors of medieval cathedrals, are made up of a single, winding unobstructed path, usually from the outside to the inside of a circular shape. Although labyrinths take a circuitous path, they do not have the dead ends found in mazes, so they are often viewed as a metaphor for our life journeys. Many cultures and religions throughout history have used labyrinths to bring more spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical well-being into their lives.

How does it work?
Individuals enter the labyrinth and simply follow the path to the center. While walking along the winding path, focus on a topic important to you, or perhaps clear your mind and focus simply on breathing and relaxation.

Once in the center, some people pray or meditate. For others it can be a moment of quiet reflection or a time to think about issues of concern and how to deal with them. When ready, simply follow the path back.

The McKee Labyrinth is intended to provide an outlet for patients and others seeking to meditate, center themselves, relax and rejuvenate. 

Hand Labyrinth
Local sculptor Jade Windell created a hand labyrinth that is also installed on the site.  By tracing the labyrinth design with their hand, participants can receive the same healing, meditative benefit as those who walk the labyrinth.

Community gifts to the McKee Medical Center Foundation Chapel Campaign funded the labyrinth project. Collaborations with Pathways Hospice and United Way of Larimer County Make a Difference Day allowed volunteers to complete the labyrinth in fall 2010.

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